Tromsø - the city where the Northern Lights dance

West Coast Swing

- Project Swing (Level 1): Are you a beginner? Then you can try our free intro course for 4 hours with local instructors on Friday evening and Saturday morning.
- Novice (level 2-3): You know the WCS basics and some variations. You want to improve your technique and add more variations to your WCS. You take classes and dance regularly.
- Intermediate (Level 4): You are confident on the dance floor and comfortable with music and rhythm. You want to learn more about technique and variations. You take instructions easily and have a lot of dance experience both from classes and social dance.
NLS 2 edition
January 17-19, 2020 we once again invite you to a wonderful workshop weekend for West Coast Swing lovers with international instructors in the northern lights city of Tromsø. The first edition of NLS was a success and we are expanding the offer by inviting even more international instructors and increasing the number of levels.
In order for more people to be challenged, we divide the course hours in several levels. There will be good opportunities to get to know new and old dancers, practice what you have learned or just dance socially, as we add up to a total of 10 hours of social dancing during the weekend.
We will also this time have a fun competition.
It will be judged by our instructors.
Here are the winners from NLS2019