Aggi and Wayne are West Coast Swing Dance instructors who LOVE this dance! They have become familiar faces on the West Coast Swing scene for teaching, MC’ing, judging and event directing. They are among the few pioneers who started spreading West Coast Swing in Poland and have been teaching for almost seven years together. During this time they have attended and completed many training courses in Advanced West Coast Swing technique, Teacher training courses and Competition judging.

Agnieszka (Aggi) Dzierwa


Wayne Powell

Oxford, UK

Aggi has her background in Salsa and is trained in Jazz at London’s Pineapple Dance Studios. She has taught dance for over 16 years and is the owner of Dance Fusion School of Dance in Gdynia, Poland. She now competes at the All Star level in WCS.


Wayne Is a former Physical Training Instructor of over 12 years started dancing 13 years ago. He plays a big part in Dance Fusion and West Coast Swing in Poland. He now competes at Advanced Level in WCS.
Hanna and Miquel have been teaching together for almost two years. They have a great focus on the joy that the dance provides, but also the importance of good technique and understanding of music. Both have the goal that the individual should find his own way to the dance. Dancing is fun and you can show it, but with good technique it feels even better.

Hanna Tuominen


Miquel Menédez


Hanna Tuominen (Finland) started to dance west coast swing in 2011, and fell in love with the freedom, creativity and connection that characterizes this dance. She is a full time dance teacher in Finland. Although she teach many different couple dances, west coast swing has a special place in her heart. She travels in Europe teaching and judging west coast swing, and now competes at Advanced Level in WCS.
Miquel Menédez (Spain) started to dance when he was 15 years old. Country dance and linedance are his main background as dancer, choreographer, teacher and judge. He is a three times World Champion in linedance. WCS, he love dancing it, spread the dance and as one of his favorite quotes says: “it requires technique to create art”. He now competes at the All Star level in WCS.
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Kenneth and Martine met at Kenneth's salsa course in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. They started dancing WCS together in 2015 and fell flat for WCS. They have taught folk swing, salsa and WCS in Kom and Dans in recent years and at their local dance school Extend in Tønsberg. They got married in 2017, and have traveled around for events in Europe and the United States in recent years. Together they see the importance of finding individual dancers themselves, but also how the dance together with the partner should feel good both musically and technically. The most important thing is the joy but manages to create with someone with shared passion.

Martine Fjeldstad Sætereng


Kenneth Fjeldstad Sætereng


Martine has a solo dance background and grew up with jazz, modern and classical ballet, with several international exams in the Royal Academy of Dance behind here. Martine studied dance at the high school and college level before choosing to study osteopathy. She now works as an osteopath and personal trainer, and owns her own clinic in Tønsberg. She competes at the All-Star level.
Kenneth started dancing as a 19 year old and has since loved to dance. He moved to Oslo to study computer engineering, where in his spare time he traveled around Norway to both dance and teach dance. Lately, he has started to dance both ballet, jazz and hip hop, and thinks solo dancing is very important to getting better in WCS. He has over 10 years of experience in salsa and folk swing and now competes at Advanced level in WCS.