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Tromsø - the city where the Northern Lights dance

West Coast Swing

NLS 3 edition
February 3.-5. 2023, after two long years of social distancing, we once again invite you to a wonderful workshop weekend for West Coast Swing lovers with international instructors in Tromsø. We continue the success from the previous two years and expand by inviting two new, wonderful instructors! We plan for 21(!!) hours of leveled workshops and two hours of all level workshops. There will be good opportunities to get to know new and old dancers, practice what you have learned or just dance socially. Thursday and Friday we once again arrange our free beginner class Project Swing. Welcome to another magical westie weekend under the northern lights!
- Level 1 (Project Swing/Beginner): Are you a beginner? Try our free introduction course for 4 hours with local instructors on Thursday and Friday evening to learn the basics of WCS. 
- Level 2 (Newcomer): You have completed at least one beginner course and know the WCS basics and some basic variations. You want to improve your technique and add more variations to your dance. You have been doing some social dancing, and you want to learn more about technique and musicality. 
- Level 3 (Novice): You have participated in several beginner and improver workshops and feel comfortable with the basic patterns and the most common variations. You can social dance to slow, medium and fast music and feel ready to explore technique that is more advanced, complex variations and musicality 
- Level 4 (Intermediate): You have danced WCS regularly for 2-3 years and been travelling to several WCS events. You are comfortable with pattern variations and with rhythm variations. You work on placing your patterns in the music and finding your style in the dance. You take instructions easily and social dance frequently. If you compete you probably have WSDC points. 
We will also this time have a fun competition.
It will be judged by our instructors.
Here are the winners from NLS2020
NLS2022 gruppebilde.jpg
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