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Aggi and Wayne are West Coast Swing Dance instructors who LOVE this dance! They have become familiar faces on the West Coast Swing scene for teaching, MC’ing, judging and event directing. They are among the few pioneers who started spreading West Coast Swing in Poland and have been teaching for almost seven years together. During this time they have attended and completed many training courses in Advanced West Coast Swing technique, Teacher training courses and Competition judging.

Agnieszka (Aggi) Dzierwa


Wayne Powell

Oxford, UK

Aggi has her background in Salsa and is trained in Jazz at London’s Pineapple Dance Studios. She has taught dance for over 16 years and is the owner of Dance Fusion School of Dance in Gdynia, Poland. She now competes at the All Star level in WCS.


Wayne Is a former Physical Training Instructor of over 12 years started dancing 13 years ago. He plays a big part in Dance Fusion and West Coast Swing in Poland. He now competes at Advanced Level in WCS.
Miquel have been teaching for almost two years. He has a great focus on the joy that the dance provides, but also the importance of good technique and under-standing of music. He has the goal that the individual should find his own way to the dance. Dancing is fun and you can show it, but with good technique it feels even better.

Hanna Ojanaho

Miquel Menédez


Miquel Menédez (Spain) started to dance when he was 15 years old. Country dance and linedance are his main background as dancer, choreographer, teacher and judge. He is a three times World Champion in linedance. WCS, he love dancing it, spread the dance and as one of his favorite quotes says: “it requires technique to create art”. He now competes at the All Star level in WCS.
Veronika and Tom-Elbin meet each other at the dance course where Veronika was the instructor in 2015.
In 2016, the couple won their first Novice JnJ together. This was the start of their partnership both on and off the dance floor.
They now live together in Oslo where they spread the love of the dance community and the dance itself.

Veronika G Langmo

Tom-Elbin Bendheim

Veronika started dancing West Coast Swing at the age of 16, and fell completely in love with the dance style from the very beginning. Although she had never danced before, her passion for dance grew rapidly, and she began teaching as early as 2014. She currently competes at the Advanced level.
Tom-Elbin started dancing in one of Veronica's classes in 2015. He had already tried out some other dance styles, such as Bachata and Lindy Hop, but when he tried West Coast Swing, he really got hooked. He currently competes at the All-star level.
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